KnowMe IQ grew out of the belief that knowing your customer is at the heart of business success.

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And there’s plenty to know.

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  • Where your customers come from and what’s important to them, so you can attract more of them
  • How they like to communicate, so you can meet them in their comfort zone
  • What they need and expect from your business, so you can meet their needs and exceed their expectations

The hard part is gathering all that knowledge – which is where KnowMe comes in.

KnowMe was created to deliver easy tech solutions to help you know your customers and build strong, lasting relationships

The KnowMe team has been building customer relationship tools since 2005, when KnowMe founder Boris Medak was working in the retail industry. Boris learned first-hand the importance of understanding how customers heard about his company and what drove them to engage with it – and the challenges in gathering this feedback.

Boris saw an opportunity to meet those challenges with technology, and KnowMe was born. Our solutions are centered around five strategies that we consider key to growing your business:

  • get more and better reviews;
  • build customer loyalty;
  • streamline payments;
  • improve communication;
  • measure marketing effectiveness.

As technology continues to change the ways we communicate and do business, KnowMe gets smarter and more intuitive. We are committed to making it easy for you to know your customers and gather the insights you need to grow your business.

Leadership Team

Boris Medak

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

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“Boris is a brilliant entrepreneur whose thinking is years ahead of the market!”

Jeff Brown, Chief Executive Officer at KnowMe


C. Richard “Dick” Kramlich 

A legend in Silicon Valley and the venture capital community with a career spanning more than 50 years, Dick was a founder of New Enterprise Advisors (NEA) and more recently co-founded Green Bay Ventures with Anthony Schiller.

Austin E. Hills

Investor, philanthropist, and beverage scion, Austin’s had tremendous success with Hills Bros. Coffee and later Grgich Hills Winery. Mr. Hills has an eclectic range of interests and serves on a wide range of boards including Hills Capital Management.

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