Who is KnowMe IQ?

KnowMe is on a mission to deliver smarter customer engagement.

Whether you’re a small ‘solo-preneur’, a retail shop, SMB or a Fortune 500, KnowMe provides easy-to-use products and services to automate and simplify the myriad of customer touchpoints.

The KnowMe IQ platform for small businesses provides a comprehensive ‘360 degree’ suite of web-based customer engagement services to support every step of your customer’s lifecycle with your business.

Is this the same KnowMe from 2013?

Yes, today’s KnowMe is guided by the same vision our founder had when he launched the company more than 10 years ago. The original KnowMe product is still active and supporting customer today (www.knowme.net).

Today, the KnowMe product has evolved to KnowMe IQ (www.www.knowmeiq.com), a SaaS platform providing customer engagement apps for businesses of all sizes.

What’s the difference between KnowMe and KnowMe IQ?

KnowMe IQ is an applications platform driving KnowMe’s vision of smarter customer engagement.

KnowMe IQ is the SaaS platform for the range of KnowMe apps including Reviews, Funnel, Loyalty, AI, Payments. Each app is stand-alone and is built on KnowMe’s extensive CRM engine, so businesses can start small and grow.

Who are the investors in KnowMe?

KnowMe is backed by two world-class investors.

Austin E Hills – investor, philanthropist and beverage scion, Austin’s had tremendous success with Hills Bros Coffee and later Grgich Hills Winery. Mr. Hills has an eclectic range of interests and serves on a wide range of boards including Hills Capital Management.

C. Richard “Dick” Kramlich – a legend in Silicon Valley and the venture capital community with a career spanning more than 50 years, Dick was a founder of New Enterprise Advisors (NEA) and more recently founded Green Bay Ventures.

Both men bring immense entrepreneurial depth in terms of experience, connections and financing.

What is AutoPylot?

AutoPylot solves the most frustrating problem with CRMs today:  complete and accurate data entry.

AutoPylot is a mobile app that automates sales productivity for enterprise sales teams using leading CRMs systems like Dynamics, NetSuite and Salesforce.

With AutoPylot, calls and texts to/from customers are automatically logged as sales activities in the CRM. Salespeople can dictate notes and actions for next steps. More information is available at www.autopylot.com.

Why is the company called KnowMe?

Before founding KnowMe, Boris Medak was a small business owner and entrepreneur. Through experience, he knew first-hand the struggles of knowing one’s customers, the manual processes to keep systems and information up to date, and the ability to have data available at his finger tips.

He wanted a solution to help business owners ‘know me, your customer’. Once framed in those terms, Boris knew instinctively that “KnowMe” encapsulated his vision of smarter customer engagement and products that enable an owner to know their customer.

Tell me about the founder?

Boris Medak came to the United States in the late 1990s with a passion for entrepreneurship and wine (and not necessarily in that order). Formally trained in viticulture in his native Croatia, Boris settled easily into California’s Napa Valley just a few miles north of Silicon Valley.

While working at Grgich Hills, Boris started dabbling in technology ventures. Quickly he was forced to choose between his two passions, and Knowme Inc. was born.

Austin Hills, co-founder of Grgich Hills, recognized Boris’ enthusiasm, tenacity and creativity and was an early (and now ‘long term’) investor in Knowme.

Strong, lasting relationships with your customers start now

Start using KnowMe to see how streamlined communication, listening, and tracking can make a major impact on your bottom line.