AutoPylot is a new product from KnowMe and built on the KnowMe IQ platform that fills the information gap between customer conversations and an enterprise’s CRM, then applies AI to understand customer intent and improve downstream business processes.

While 92% of Fortune 5,000 enterprises use a CRM, nearly 1/3 report their CRM ‘fails to meet expectation’, primarily because <50% of sales people enter any information into the systems at all.

It’s hard to react to customer intent if there’s no customer engagement data in the systems.

AutoPylot is a mobile app that automates the capture, collection, and analysis of customer conversations (voice, text/SMS) so that CRMs have actionable, real-time information without salespeople spending hours a week on data entry.

KnowMe is combining new AI/ML understanding with its core competency in mobile, UC, and CRM to build smarter customer engagement solutions.

Here’s an overview video:

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