KnowMe IQ utilizes mobile technology to help businesses grow and scale their customer engagement efforts

MARCH 14, 2022 – Sonoma, Calif. – KnowMe Inc., a leader in customer experience automation, today announced the launch of its KnowMe IQ solutions platform, the smarter customer engagement solution for local, retail and small businesses. KnowMe IQ is a suite of cloud-based software modules designed to simplify, scale, and automate customer engagement. Designed with flexibility in mind, KnowMe IQ enables business owners to custom build a solution designed for their specific business needs. Our solution modules include:

  • IQ Funnel – a better way to measure inbound marketing effectiveness by automatically capturing leads via phone, text, webforms and more;
  • IQ Reviews – an intelligent way to use text messaging to encourage happy customers to provide positive reviews while engaging disgruntled customers before they rant;
  • IQ Loyalty – an innovative new way to create and manage loyalty cards digitally using text messaging, including digital coupons and referral incentives;
  • IQ Payments – a smarter way to manage new and expanding payment requirements from customers including pay-by-text;
  • IQ AI – applying artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to your customer’s engagement to help you make smarter business decisions;

“Small and local businesses are always trying to do more with less,” said founder Boris Medak. “We created KnowMe IQ to provide a powerful automated system for businesses to address the challenge of delivering an outstanding customer experience end-to-end, from capturing leads to driving reviews and collecting payments, with fully integrated text and calling capabilities.”

Each module is designed for a business owner or technology leader to implement individually and grow as their business grows. Each software module includes a unique, entry-level “pay-as-you-grow” tier to enable businesses to use the functionality at no cost, until the business grows.

“As a small business owner, I constantly struggle with managing measuring and automating inbound leads,” said Jennifer Ruwart, founder and principle of Roger That Agency. “The KnowMe IQ platform enables me to start automating and measuring lead capture and expand into other KnowMe solutions as it makes sense for my business.”
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